Happy Independence Day, Y'all

We're proud Texans, and we are lucky to be here. We still feel fortunate to live in this country, too.

Just like every person, our country has its flaws. And it also has a lot of good.

The actions we take today affect the balance of good and bad tomorrow. Doing good doesn't erase the past. But it makes a brighter future.

Texas flag flying below US flag

Mistakes made can't be unmade. But future mistakes can be avoided.

As Texans, we own up to our mistakes. We learn, and do our best to never make those mistakes again.

Sometimes, that means we make new mistakes. Again, we learn and do better next time.

There are a few things that keep us on the right path, here in the Lone Star State.

We love our neighbors, regardless of color, creed, or status.

We lift up those who are down. We give more than we take.

We hurt for those in our communities who are hurting. We find ways to ease that pain.

We do what's in our power to help, even when we ourselves feel powerless. Come hell or high water (literally).

We don't mess with Texas. We try to preserve it. We cherish the natural beauty of our state. We clean up our messes, and those of others who don't quite get it, yet.

We give a smile and a wave to complete strangers. Because we know that despite the noise, life is sweet. And it's a lot sweeter when you're smiling, and someone's smiling at you.

And by all these efforts, we manage to move forward together. We manage to be one of the best states in which to live, love, and raise a family. All inside this big social experiment known as the USA.

Today, we remember how much we can accomplish when we uphold our own simple values...How great life can be when we work together.

And we take a step in that direction.

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